Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lacy Western

Top (Macy's), Skinny Chinos (NY & Co), Belt (Rainbow), Necklace (gifted), Shoes (Shoe Fairy)

Today I decided to participate in the Everybody, Everywhere lace day.  I did this mainly because I just don't know what to pair lace with.  I have 4 lace shirts and 1 lace skirt and can never come up with anything to wear them with.  Lace is really pretty and feminine to me, but I think it's the texture that I have a hard time pairing it with things.  So I always end up pairing lace with solids.  I thought it would be fun to participate because then I would get to see how all the wonderful fashion bloggers wear their lace.

This belt reminds me of something western because of the turqouise and sterling. The shoes from my Shoe Fairy just seemed to go with the outfit. These shoes are another thing I have had a hard time pairing with something in my closet. I figured I might as well put two things that I have a hard time pairing and wear them at the same time.  This is pretty daring for me. Ok, I know, not really that daring.  Do you own things that you like, but have a hard time pairing them with other items in your closet?


  1. I love this, you did a great job! I especially love the placement of the belt - SO fun! You look awesome!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  2. Very cute! You did a fabulous job with the pairings. They look really great all put together. I just posted about a pair of pants that I have a hard time finding tops for them.

  3. How adorable !!!! Love the lace top !

  4. Great pairing - and how I love those shoes!! I read your Shoe Fairy post before scrolling down on this one, and those shoes are so freaking cute. They're so unique and special. That's really sweet of your Shoe Fairy to share so many goodies.

    I have days where I stare at everything I own and can't make a full outfit because I feel like nothing goes with X and Y. Other days, my head spins with so many ideas I sit and doodle them all out. Part of my problem is I buy pieces to intentionally challenge myself to do something outside my box.

  5. I really love that top and the belt!!

  6. I always think I love lace and then I do the same thing as you - wonder what to pair it with. Those shoes are really fun!


  7. great choice! i think that lace top is lovely. and i have a lace jacket that i wore three ways on my blog. i wore it with leather shorts, a black dress and combat boots and some ripped jeans. there's something about wearing lace with some rocker/casual pieces that make it fun!

    you look awesome though in this. and i love love love those shoes!



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