Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Black and White Polka Dots (and some bugs!)

Top (Elle, Kohl's), Crops (New York & Co), Shoes (Target), Necklace (Kohl's)
Spring has sprung in our neck of the woods and you can tell by the bugs that are starting to come out!  Low to mid 70s is pretty much unheard of in March in Ohio, but you can't tell by the flying creatures that were out during this photo!  It was so hard not to jump around and scream, and I have a few photos of me looking crazy from batting them away, but taking photos for the blog sometimes requires going into crazy conditions, lol!  If I look a little scared in this photo, this is why.

Anyways, on to the outfit.  These cropped pants (and the bright pink ones) are a newer purchase from a promo code and a lack of self discipline during my self imposed shopping ban.  Once my birthday and warmer temperatures come around, I just can't help doing a little shopping.  I can tell that these crops are going to become a favorite and may end up in heavy rotation during the spring and early summer.  The polka dot top was purchased with some birthday money (and a little bit of stalking waiting for it to go on sale).  Polka dots are pretty big for this spring, so I knew that I wanted to add this top to my wardrobe.

Which leads me to a couple of questions:  1) Do you stalk items and wait for them to go on sale or do you just go ahead and purchase the item full price? and 2) What do you think of polka dots for this Friday's Mother/Daughter Remix?  Any other suggestions? 

And this question is totally unrelated to fashion, but how many of you like Cadbury Eggs?  Taylor mentioned Cadbury Eggs on her blog the other day (which I only know a few people who even like them).  I LOVE them!  I actually bought a five pack and ate 3 in one sitting.  It was pure gluttony on my part, but I justify it that they only come out for a short time during the year.  Boy, that was totally random, but I am curious about all of you and if you like them!

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. if i really love something, i will buy it at full price because usually i'll be out of luck with sizes if i wait.

    not sure i've ever had a cadburry! i buy them and put them in easter baskets, but never had one myself!


  2. I love the polka dots! and I am a definite sale stalker - I figure if the item runs out it wasn't meant to be...but almost everything goes on sale.

  3. Really love the polka dots!! I am a sale stalker. I hate buying something at full price. I am not a cadburry girl!!

  4. Great outfit -- polka dots look so vibrant on you.

    Since I rarely shop in nice stores, I seldom face the dilemma you describe, but I have encountered it while walking through dept. stores when shopping for other items. On those occasions, I snapped up the clothes at full-price because my time is valuable (I can give you a precise number for it!).

  5. Hm, it depends on the "full price," first of all, and second of all, if it's something I have been looking for forever, I will get it and worry about what my husband says later, ha! Loving those pants - you will get so much use out of them! I love all my ankle/cropped pants.

  6. Hahaha, I love Cadbury Cream Eggs! (Not the caramel ones, though..)

  7. Very nice outfit!

  8. I stalk sites all the time! hahaha Waiting for that discount. I don't eat much chocolate candy, but when I do it's usually Dove. Even though Cadbury is more fun! haha

  9. I stalk item to go on sale too. I'm not a fan of Cadbury eggs.

  10. i will totally stalk an item!
    love polka dots
    hate cadbury eggs, but my mom LOVES them
    still laughing about the cat shirt :)

  11. if an item seems out of my price range I stalk it until I can afford it! Those cropped pants are such a perfect warm weather staple!

  12. Adorable top! I rarely buy anything full price. I even use my student discount while thrifting if I'm not taking advantage of 50% off/99 cent sale. I usually will stalk things not only to sale, to clearance, but will often follow things over to ebay prices if I'm too frugal. I've wound up with many things I wanted, and missed out on many many more.

    But that's the fun of the hunt, I suppose.

  13. I do eat Cadbury eggs, although ONE a year is about all I can manage any more.

  14. I LOVE Cadbury eggs! I almost always buy one when I checkout this time of year because they're just sitting there at the register, tempting me. lol But my favorite Easter candy EVER is Elmer's Heavenly Hash. They're from New Orleans and are UH-mazing!!

    I love that top. Really super cute! I think polka dots would be a fun remix item! I never ever ever buy something full price unless it's reallly special. Like a wedding dress or something. lol

  15. I'm starting to think that maybe breaking the shopping ban for something that you know will become a wardrobe staple isn't the worst thing in the world. It's when we start buying things just because that the problems start :)

    And Cadbury Eggs have been my favorite, FOREVER!!! So, so good.

  16. Oh yeah bring on the polka dot remix (but not the bugs- mosquito season is awful where I live!) I very rarely buy something full-price, I'm a bargain babe through and through!

  17. Ooooh love polka dots, plus the splash of color the necklace brings is great. Both would be great for a remix! Most of the time, I stalk items until they go on sale, but occasionally I'll splurge if I can justify it. It's a bummer though when you see it go on sale AFTER you already bought it.

    Oh, and I'm down with all types of chocolate, for the record.

  18. It depends on the item, and how bad I actually want it for me to pay full price. I also think polka dots are a perfect choice this spring.


  19. You know...I used to stalk the store for items to go on sale but my size was always the first to go so I just leave it to chance! Polka dots would be a great idea for a re-mix :)

  20. yes, polka dots are great for a remix!!! i love them so much and you look fab in them, H. something i don't like though is bugs. yuck! they creep me out. oh, and i do stalk items. i think i find the challenge of getting it for a good deal so much fun! i'll even wait until some things come to the thrift store since the one near my mom always gets target goodies. i try to tell myself that nothing is THAT important to buy at full price because i have a closet full of clothes and shoes :)

  21. LOVE black and white..always a favorite color combo:)
    We had an ant infestation at my house last week so I feel you on the bugs thing..
    and I NEVER wait for the sale (my major flaw in life, lol) because I am always afraid the item will sell out, and apparently I convince myself I won't be able to survive without that particular sweater or skirt.

  22. Yeah. Stalking items. Sometimes I can but other times I get too nervous that it won't be available in my size if I wait.

    You look great in this black and white ensemble.


  23. First of all, HEEEEYYYY!!!

    Secondly, those cropped pants are very flattering on you.

    And third...My nickname is Celery b/c I am very much a STALKER (of sales, that is)!!!!

    (and I'm just kidding about the whole Celery bit...apparently, I'm also a wannabe comedienne...)

  24. The pants look great and I like the splash of purple. I have to really like something to purchase regular price. Love sales and discount stores. Love thrifting, as you know! Cadbury eggs... are a no go.

  25. You look great. Positive those pants are a great addition to your closet. I need more fitted (skinny) cropped pants in light materials for Spring/Fall and maybe even Summer.

    To answer your question, I do and I do not stalk items. When I worked at White House Black Market I always stalked items but it was easy to do since I worked there. Even with my discount, their prices are steep. The Limited, Express and Loft are 3 other stores where I have waited when items have gone on sale and they usually do and I most likely find them on my size.


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