Saturday, December 29, 2012

Green Denim, Leopard and Camel

Sweater (Forever 21), Jeans (Kohl's), Boots (Candies, Kohls), Necklaces (JCPenney)

Two other items on my wishlist that were fulfilled were a pair of green denim jeans and a pair of camel colored boots.  I have been keeping this list stashed in my purse and have been slowly checking things off.  Although I say these items will then make my closet complete, there is always something else that catches my eye.  The leopard sweater was the first thing I wanted to pair with the green denim.  Anything bright with leopard is a winner in my book. 
Miss M remembered that she had a pair of green denim jeans, so she took the opportunity to wear them "just like mommy."  She told me she wanted to do a Mother/Daughter Remix without Kayla wearing our green jeans.  Oh the joys of sibling rivalry!

On Miss M: Top (Justice), Jeans (Walmart), Shoes (Old Navy), Earmuffs (Justice)

Sequined Beret (Target)
What do you have on your wishlist?  Have you been able to check anything off recently?


  1. Love that sweater paired with green, so cute!

  2. Lovely photos...your daughter is so cute! I am looking for tall brown boots in the sales:) Have a good weekend!

  3. love the leopard and the green and your daughter is rockin' it in her pink and green ensemble!
    I also got a pair of caramel colored boots that have been on my wishlist forever.
    love all the snow in the background, only rain here for us.

  4. Oh Miss M cracks me up! She looks so cute though! And so do you, your green pants are awesome!

  5. Love the Mother/Daughter remix with Miss M! How adorable.
    Heather, those boots are showstoppers. Gorgeous!

  6. I am waiting for my green skinnys to arrive and am so your little fashionista!

  7. too cute! more cool boots! I love your initial necklace!

  8. This is an adorable combination! I will definitely have to keep it in mind when I wear my green pants next. And Miss M's outfit is darling as ever - I love that the two of you match! I was able to pick up a new pair of black boots during the holiday, which had been on my wishlist forever. Yay!


  9. Earmuffs!!! Miss M is adorable. Kayla better watch out. :)

  10. Loving the leopard print!

  11. This color combo is absolute perfection - love the teal with leopard!

    Pearls & Paws

  12. I absolutely adore this colour combo. Your lil daugther is way too cute :-)

    Have yourself a wonderful happy new Year.

  13. i just got a pair of black riding-type boots...i've been wanting a pair for a while.

    green and leopard is purrrfect!!


  14. Wow Candies I didn't know they were still around. I had a pair of Candies wedges when I was in high school. These boots are really cool!

    Ali of:

  15. Awwww first of all Miss M. looks adorable, just like mommy, matching in her Bright Kelly Green Pants. The earmuffs and her sweater are too cute. Things I will look forward to when my girl starts growing up and begins first grade. Ahhh, cannot wait to have her.

    Let me say that I am loing all your new items you got as gifts for Christmas. I loved your Neon Pink Cardigan & Gray/Black Boots so much I had to feature them on my page. Today I am loving this outfit, especially the boots, pants & both necklaces. I cannot believe the boots are from Kohl's & the necklaces are from JC Penney. Both of these stores have stepped it up a lot, the last couple of years.

    Stop by when you get a chance. Wish you & your family a Beautiful New Year's Eve Celebration tonight. And Happy New Year 2013. May it be Bright, Healthy, Hopeful & Full of Good Things!!

    <3 Ada.

  16. HAHA! You and Miss M look too cute! I love that green denim and those boots are sharp Heather!


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